Scaffolding in Haywards Heath

The Primary Hazards Our Scaffolding Company Encounters

From roofing work to extensions, working at height around the home poses a significant risk to safety, be it our scaffolding contractors’ or your own. The same applies in the commercial sector, especially on large-scale construction sites for multi-storey buildings. Statistics show that working off the ground is one of the most dangerous workplace activities in the country. Before the coronavirus pandemic affected recent numbers, 35 fatalities occurred in the 2018/2019 period. This equates to 28% of accidents in all working environments.

Our scaffolding company is familiar with these hazards. Not only have we provided Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas with scaffolding services since 1999, but our team of scaffolding erectors also shares more than 60 years of experience.

With this know-how, we are fully aware of the increased probability of permanent physical injury or even death. This is why we never compromise on safety.

Our team designs every scaffold to meticulous calculations, risk assessments and method statements. By identifying potential hazards that our own team or any other workers might face, the more protection we can provide.

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3 Common Work-at-Height Hazards

Stability of the Work Platform

If your project in Haywards Heath involves working at height, there will be some form of platform on which trades operate. In most cases, this is either the roof of a building or a structure assembled by our scaffolding contractors.

Of course, the less stable this platform, the greater the risk to those using it.

This is why our scaffolding company inspects our own structures before first use, every 7 days thereafter and following harsh weather conditions. While it’s impossible to eliminate accidents, this approach comes as close as possible.

If you need our scaffolding services for a fragile roof that needs repair, we tailor a solution to optimise safety. To avoid incidents like falling through the roof, our scaffolding erectors can provide specialist equipment such as roof ladders and crawling boards.

The Weather

Moore Scaffolding controls every aspect of your service. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to the weather. It’s the unpredictability of conditions that ensures we prepare for every eventuality at your Haywards Heath site.

Rain and ice create slippery surfaces. High winds may dislodge materials – or even workers. Heatwaves and exposure to the sun often lead to dizziness and heatstroke, both of which increase the likelihood of collapsing and falling to the ground.

By implementing precautionary measures as and when needed, like our own scaffolding contractors do, you can adapt to changing conditions. For example, check materials and equipment if winds pick up to make sure they can withstand the force. During hot weather, encourage ongoing hydration.

Objects Falling from Height

As any reputable scaffolding company will tell you, it’s not only workers on the scaffold who face the risks associated with falls from height. Falling equipment and materials also present a genuine danger to anyone working or passing by at ground level. If even a small item falls from height and strikes a person below, it can have tragic consequences.

Scaffolding services with safe, effective working practices drastically reduce the chances of such situations playing out during your project in Haywards Heath. A sound understanding of how to store and stack items at height means workers are much less likely to knock them over. They will also be less susceptible to tipping over. Our scaffolding erectors can also integrate toe boards, guardrails and debris netting to cover all instances of people, materials and equipment falling or slipping over the edge.

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