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Scaffolding Health and Safety in Tunbridge Wells

Moore Scaffolding take pride in providing safe scaffolding services for customers in Tunbridge Wells and across the South East. As industry guidelines set out, there are certain procedures that each scaffolding company must follow. From day one, we teach our scaffolding erectors the correct safety procedures in every aspect of the job.


When we provide scaffolding services for clients, we take the following into account:

• Site Location

• Period of Use

• Intended Use

• Dimensions

• Number of People

• Maximum Loads

• Additional Infrastructure

• Ground Conditions

• Project Management

• Dismantling Scaffolding

By using this information, Moore Scaffolding is able to know how many scaffolding erectors are needed for the job, how many poles and accessories are required and how long the scaffolding will take to construct. When we load the lorry before a job in Tunbridge Wells, it’s imperative we take the right amount of equipment with us.


We know of instances where a scaffolding company has been employed to erect a tower but have turned up light. This can cause safety issues because incomplete scaffolding can be dangerous for our own scaffolding erectors and for your personnel.


Once the scaffolding is up, we make sure that the construction is properly secured to the property in Tunbridge Wells. Weather protection sheets are also secured and we carry out a series of safety checks to make sure everything is as it should be. As a reputable scaffolding company, we make sure everything is safe to use before personnel use the construction.


By law, scaffolding must be inspected at least once a week. Site owners are responsible for the scaffolding being used and it must comply with health and safety regulations. If any site manager feels that there’s any issue with the tower construction, we will send our scaffolding erectors to your Tunbridge Wells site and carry out a full inspection.


Once you’ve completed the project and no longer require need the scaffolding, give our office a call and we will come to your Tunbridge Wells site to dismantle the tower as part of our scaffolding services. All scaffolding erectors are issued with the correct PPE to work safely at all times, and we work to an order which means we can account for every piece of equipment. Once loaded, we clear the site all associated debris.

Call us now on 01342 328606 to book our safety-focused scaffolding services for all projects in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding Kent area.